Dungeon Hunter 4

1.9.0i for Android

Raising dungeons and killing demons has never been so much fun




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Dungeon Hunter 4 marks the return of Gameloft's leading role play franchise that immerses the player in a shadowy world full of demons, but which is, ultimately, the twentieth Diablo clone for Android handsets.

As per usual, before starting the game you must choose which kind of character you want to be. You can choose between four different character types which will radically effect how you deal with the different challenges in the game. The warrior, for example, will always allow you to perform melee attacks.

Once you have improved your character by completing the story mode, where you can level up and receive lots of new equipment (weapons, armor, amulets, etc.), you can take them over to the battle arena. There, you can enter into duels with other players (PvP) from all over the world.

Like all the titles in the franchise, Dungeon Hunter 4's graphics border on the outstanding, every detail having been crafted with great care and attention. Both the scenery and the characters are a true pleasure for the senses.

Dungeon Hunter 4 is an excellent action RPG, that while using an increasingly worn, even boring, formula, still manages to offer sufficient fun that the vast majority of users will keep coming back for more.
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